Getting Started with The Perfect Types of Lawn Grasses

Frankly speaking, if anyone is searching for a perfect type of the grass then there is nothing. There are several types of it, and all of them behave differently according to the climate, soil nature and shades.

Some of them the highly tolerant to drought and frost, some are tolerant to soil acidity and some handles the shades pretty well. Therefore, if you are looking the perfect type of the grass, then it is a myth, however, below mentioned is a list of different types including Buffalo Grass, Buffalo Turf, etc.

Getting Started with the Types

  • Buffalo Grass: This is one of the oldest types that is scratchy and dominates the community of shades turfs.
  • Matilda: Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo turf is one of the soft grasses with some of the unique traits of meeting the needs of lawn which see more than normal traffic.
  • Sapphire: Sapphire soft leaf buffalo grass is modern soft leaf grass that is best possible option for the lawn. It is pretty soft and good for kids to play and jump over it.
  • Palmetto: Palmetto soft leaf buffalo grass is known as the reigning king and it is one of the highest quality of grass. This has lowest thatch level and only grows in full sun.

Buffalo Lawn Grasses

So these were some of the specifications. Now, when it comes to your selection, keep your head straight and just choose which one do you want.

Lastly, find a best lawn turf dealer and place the order.



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