Tips to Take Care of Buffalo Grass Lawns

Buffalo grass, the most popular pasture of Australia and known by the name of St. Augustine grass in North America is basically a warm season turf. The biggest characteristic that differentiates it from others is that it has a relatively softer leaf and the two most popular versions of buffalo grass Sydney are the Shade master and the Sir Walter.

As far as the types are concerned, the buffalo grass suppliers often have two different types to offer. They are –

  • The cool season version
  • The warm season version

As far as the cool season kind is concerned, you will find the following names included. They are –

  • The Rye
  • The Fescue

In terms of warm season versions, there are several names to include like –

  • Soft leaf Buffalo (St Augustine)
  • Queensland Blue Couch
  • Couch/Green Couch
  • Kikuyu Turf
  • Zoysia and so on

Buffalo Grass      Kikuyu Turf     zoysia Turf

Some facts to know

  • An important information that needs a mention here is that Buffalo and Queensland blue couch differ from all others present in the markets.
  • The main difference is that they are built only using above ground runners known as “Stolons”.
  • On the contrary, other versions would showcase both, above ground runners or stolons and the below ground runners known as “Rhizomes”.

Maintenance of Buffalo Grass Lawns

  • One of the top characteristics is that it is more durable and robust as compared to others.
  • You will find it having better tolerance of herbicide sprays and superior green color in winters.
  • As far as spraying herbicides is concerned, you should always use selective compositions only.
  • These compositions should mainly include active constituents like 200g/L Bromoxynil and 200g/L MCPA.
  • One more point to remember is that Buffalo Turf would suffer from bad leaf burn to death, if sprayed with Dicamba based herbicides.

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