What should you keep in your Designer Maternity Bag?

The thought of what to put in hospital bag always creates a point of ambiguity. Sometimes you may get concerned that you have to put so many things in your bag and sometimes you worry that you may forget essential item to keep in the bag at the time. To keep you away from this problem, here I am listing some essential stuff that must be kept in mom hospital bags so you and your baby both could feel better.

Items for Mom

Keep the pair of PJs according to the days you have to spend in the hospital. Also, a nightdress with the front button so you can open it easily when required. Keep a pair of flip-flops for taking shower etc. a towel is required because all you want a shower after everything or getting dusted. When you are packing for underwear, you should keep at least two pieces in dark colours. At last, keep a comfortable outfit that you are going to use for coming home after delivery. Never forget to keep a chilled facial spray in your maternity bag as it helps in cooling down at points. Put minimum 2 packets of the maternity pads and don’t feel fear seeing the size of it as you can’t resist its use.

Baby hospital bags

Items for Baby

While packing for babies, put a baby grow, one vest and a packet of nappy pads into the bag. These things are very helpful to handle a crying baby. Apart from this, you need to keep a pair of new clothes as well for your baby along with a hat. While the hospital provides with the comfy blanket, you still should keep it with you to swaddle the baby in. Keep baby bottles of good quality as these are going to help you after you return to home with your baby.

Designer Maternity Bag


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