Unique maternity Gift Ideas

Is any of your friend or close ones is a mom to be and you but you are still stuck on the maternity gift ideas? Well gone are days when baby showers were considered to be the best maternity gift but what about mommy showers? Well, new mommies really cherish and appreciate the gifts that can either be used during the maternity period or something that can have an everlasting emotional impact.

Packed hospital bags

Below are some of the unique gift ideas that a Mom will possibly love by her every day.

Designer baby bag

Well the designer baby bag ensure that you have every important thing in place while you visit the hospital during labor. It could happen anytime soon so you just have to prepare all the necessary items like toiletries, maternity pads, towel, gown, camera, charger, music, snacks, favorite reading material etc. In baby delivery bag, you can add infant clothing, some warm clothes, socks, diapers, moisturizer, baby blanket for the comfort of your new born. Designer baby bags make a unique style statement that will be surely loved by the Mom.

Mothers Jewelry

Another gift can be mothers’ jewelry which is a rising trend in maternity gifts due to their uniqueness and the love and care they represent. The unique necklace or bracelets are especially designed for moms like the Goddess in 18k gold with aquamarines, such gift surely make her feel divine. Pearls have greater significance in showing the nurturing quality of mothers, hence you can consider gifting a pearl necklace to your loved ones.

Hospital Baby delivery Bag

Personalized baby jewelry

This is one of the most unique maternity that carries a personalized message like baby name or date of birth of the baby.


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